Reasons to Consider Getting Crowns in Keizer OR

During a routine dental exam, the dentist may discover a situation that calls for the use of Crowns in Keizer OR. In fact, there are a number of reasons why getting crowns may be needed. Here are few examples to keep in mind.

A Cracked Tooth

One of the more common reasons for Crowns in Keizer OR is to provide some additional stability for a cracked tooth. Since the crown adheres to the tooth, it helps to prevent any further damage. Thanks to the presence of the crown, the possibility of the crack expanding and eventually leading to nerve pain is kept to minimum.

Shoring Up a Filled Tooth

Fillings are used when a portion of the tooth has decayed. The decayed portion is removed and the filling is put in place to protect the remaining healthy portion. When a larger amount of the tooth is removed and replaced with a filling, that can make the tooth less stable. Adding Crowns in Keizer OR to teeth with larger fillings helps to compensate for the weakness and also help keep those fillings in place.

Protect a Tooth that is Worn Down

Teeth can be worn down by grinding them while asleep, by poor dental habits, and a number of other reasons. In order to properly protect what is left, opting for Crowns in Keizer OR makes sense. The crown helps to build the tooth back up, something that often helps appearance. The crown also prevents further wear on the tooth, increasing the odds of being able to avoid the need for dentures or dental implants for several more years.

Anchoring a Dental Bridge

Crowns can also be used to help maintain the position of dental bridge. This approach helps to minimize the ability of the bridge to shift. Thanks to the presence of the crown, the patient will find that it is much easier to rest assured the bridge will stay in place. That makes it easier to relax and enjoy eating out and participating in other social situations.

For people who are advised that crowns would help provide some stability for their teeth, agreeing to the work is a smart move. Doing so could add years of useful life to the teeth, something that just about everyone can appreciate.

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