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Stay Natural with a Naturopathic Doctor in Seattle

Too often, health issues are treated with a quick prescription of one or more pills and a dismissive attitude. In this modern age of powerful prescription drugs, it is no wonder that doctors turn to the miracles of modern medicine to treat most ailments. What if treatment could be given without the


More Manageable Spine and Chronic Pain Relief

If you have ever experienced chronic pain, you have more than likely tried many treatments.  There are some things that can increase your pain that you might never have thought could be connected.  Many people with spinal issues and back pain have a hard time falling and/or staying asleep.  If you are


Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Shape with the Assistance of a Qualified Surgeon

When a woman becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child it can take a toll on their body. They can try diet and exercise to help them regain the shape of their body that they had before becoming pregnant. However, it is difficult for any mother to get back the body

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