More Manageable Spine and Chronic Pain Relief

by | May 25, 2016 | Healthcare

If you have ever experienced chronic pain, you have more than likely tried many treatments.  There are some things that can increase your pain that you might never have thought could be connected.  Many people with spinal issues and back pain have a hard time falling and/or staying asleep.  If you are not getting enough rest how can your body have time to heal?  Now you are over tired which makes your pain seem to have increased.  It is a vicious endless circle.  That is where a pain management physician can help you with relaxation techniques or prescription medication to help you fall and stay asleep.

Ignoring Pain on the Job will not Make it Improve
People who work in offices and spend a great deal of their days seated can cause damage to their spine and increase their chances of developing or making a previous problem even worse.  Sitting, especially in a position like a slouch, puts a great deal of stress and tension on your discs and ligaments.  If you perform a job that requires you to do manual or hard labor, you can injure you spine in a variety of ways such as climbing, pulling, pushing and lifting.  One of the ways to treat these injuries can involve physical therapy to strengthen your back muscles or teach you proper lifting techniques.

For Longer Lasting Relief
If you have been suffering from long-term pain in the joints located in your spine, then your pain specialist may suggest a facet joint injection.  This injection calls for putting a very small amount of a numbing medication or steroids into your spine.  This can, among other things, help you bear any pain caused by your physical therapy routine.  If you are looking in the Coastal area for spine and pain relief, Riverside Pain Physicians are there to help.

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