Possible Positions for Your Life Coach Certification

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Health

If you have earned your Life Coach Certification from our program at Rise, then you may wonder what type of position is available for you. There are a number of different types of life coaching positions available once you have received the life coach certification, each offering a specific service to their clients. There are many of our successfully certified life coaches who opt to be self-employed; however, there are also a number of organizations that hire these individuals as motivators for their clients and staff. There are also a number of life coaching agencies who employ life coaches and offer their services to their customers.

Career Coach

After earning your life coach certification from our Rise program, you may decide to become a career coach. These are individuals who assist their clients in making the decisions regarding how they can improve their career. They also offer an analysis of their client’s future career plans and goals. When a person becomes a career coach, they help their client to see each situation from various perspectives, and then work to create a strategy to achieve their desired career objectives. These are all skills you will learn during our certification program.

Business or Executive Coach

This type of coach will channelize the knowledge and skills of a client in order to create better interpersonal relationships with the use of enhanced communication skills and grooming. If you want a successful career in business, you must possess a balance in your professional and personal life and an ability to manage tasks and accomplish set goals. These are all things that one of our life coaches will help their client work toward achieving.

Couples or Relationships Coach

This type of coach will help their clients explore the various dynamics of the relationship they have with others. With coaching, clients will be able to better understand their desires and needs of others in their relationships. This coaching will also help the client understand each person’s perspective when conflict occurs. When you earn our Rise life coach certification, you will learn how to cater to the happiness of each person in the relationship, ensuring a positive outcome.

Health or Weight Coach

Life coaches can help clients deal with any type of stress that is related to weight and health issues a person may be facing.  Life coaching will also help a client make the appropriate decisions regarding nutrition, fitness and diet, while ensuring a positive and strong mental attitude is maintained.

When you earn your life coach certification from us at Rise, there are a number of ways that you can touch the lives of your clients. Knowing what these ways are will help you better determine the type of coach that you would like to

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