Getting Ready for a Visit to Your Chiropractor

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Chiropractic

Seeing a St. Augustine Chiropractor will enable you to receive holistic treatments for such medical problems as asthma, lower back pain, fibromyalgia, and headaches. This healthcare professional will use the time during your visit to give you information and hands-on treatments to help your body heal and achieve enhanced wellness and health. To ensure that your body and mind are receptive to treatments, it’s a good idea to properly prepare for a chiropractic visit. Implement the following suggestions for this.

Before your initial visit with a Chiropractor in St. Augustine area, make sure you have all your patient forms filled out and turned to the office personnel. Your medical records can be forwarded to the chiropractor’s office upon request. You only have to send parts of your medical records that pertain to chiropractic treatments. If there is enough room on the patient forms, list your reasons for seeing the chiropractor. Even if you are not sick, you can benefit from care such as spinal adjustments and diet consulting.

Prior to an initial and subsequent chiropractic visits, try your best to be rested. Get a good night’s rest the night before the visit. If your appointment is in the late afternoon, take a short nap before the appointment. Right before and during the visit, try not to think of anything that will upset you or make you tense. Your body will need to be relaxed for some treatments. Wear loose clothing if possible. Items of clothing to avoid include low-cut shirts, short skirts, tight pants, and tight undergarments. These restrictive garments can hinder the chiropractor from properly maneuvering your body into a position for manipulation. In fact, wearing tight clothing can actually endanger your body since you will more than likely be stiff during the procedure when wearing the inappropriate clothing.

It’s a good idea to let your chiropractor know that you are dedicated to making chiropractic treatments work. Incorporate it into your daily life. When you form a mutually beneficial rapport with your chiropractor, treatments will be easier for both of you. For more information on chiropractic services, please get in touch with a local chiropractor.

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