If You Have Suffered a Sports Injury and You Want to Investigate Rolfing in Chicago

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Chiropractic

You are an avid runner. You do mostly half marathons and the full 26.2 marathons. Last weekend, you ran a particularly hard half marathon with lots of hills and sharp inclines. Unfortunately, you hurt yourself. You have done this a time or two, and this time, you want to try a therapy called rolfing. It was created by Ida Rolf. It is also known as structural integration.

You have only heard the word around the gym but don’t know what it is and if it will work for you. Rolfing in Chicago is a type of bodywork therapy that involves deep manipulation of the connective tissues. These tissues, known as fascia, are located throughout the body.

When you receive rolfing Chicago, you will notice that the massage technique used by the therapist is slow and very deep. The therapist will also work to reteach your muscles a better way to adjust and readjust themselves. The rolfing Chicago treatment will attempt to realign patterns in your muscular system.

The structural technique will work together with regular chiropractic treatment to create a better balance with your tissues and muscles. The technique relies on the assumption that over time, gravity and traumas to the body will break down and take the body’s alignment out of where it is supposed to be.

The rolfing treatment usually lasts for ten sessions, with each treatment concentrating on a different area of the body. This is an attempt to realign the body and get it back to where it should be, relieving any pain.

For the best rolfing in Chicago, please visit the website of the Chicago Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center.

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