Pick up a Refreshed Face with Plastic Surgery in Naperville, IL

Looking in the mirror recently, and you don’t recognize the face looking back at you? Faces do change somewhat as everyone ages. If you don’t like what you see, you can get a facelift. A nonsurgical facelift in Naperville may be exactly what you need to see your old, er, younger face again.

What the Non-Surgical Face Lift from Naperville Plastic Surgeons Can Do

You have to go to a plastic surgeon for this procedure, even though the surgery is minimal. For some people, smaller cuts in the skin are needed to help lift the facial muscles. For others, a small incision helps the surgeon remove fat pockets under your chin or in your cheeks.

For people who don’t need any incisions, there will still be needle pokes. The needles are filled with line filler and fat dissolver to “erase” wrinkles and dissolve fat for a younger-looking face. You may have a combination of all of the above, too. It just depends on what the surgeon recommends.

Less Downtime but Short-Lasting Results

While the non-surgical facelift in Naperville can make your face look younger, the results are usually short-lived. The upkeep every few months is necessary. However, it’s a very good way to “try on” what a more permanent facelift surgery would look like. If you would like to see how your face would look after the non-surgical facelift, contact the Center for Cosmetic & Laser Surgery today.

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