Why People Fall Into the Trap of Addiction

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Health

Sometimes we ask ourselves, why some people get addicted to drugs and alcohol when they know those are dangerous to their health.  In the age of information where the dangers of drugs and over consumption of alcoholic drinks have been discussed many times in the mass media, we wonder why some still allow themselves to fall into the trap.  Make no mistakes about it; alcohol addiction is just as dangerous as drug addiction. As the people who work in Recovery Center Calabasas will tell you, it is just as difficult to get people off alcohol as it is to get them off drugs.

But why do individuals willingly walk into the trap of addiction?  It’s because they are so confident that they are not going to be addicted. The trap of addiction is not a sudden drop into the abyss; instead, it is a slow descent into hell.  The first time a person tries doing drugs, he begins a journey to destruction and he won’t even know where he is heading until it is too difficult to get out of the mess. However, there is still hope, Recovery Center Calabasas is here to lend a helping hand.

Drinking for Different Reasons
Think about this, we know that most, if not all, who try drugs eventually become addicted to it. But why aren’t all drinkers becoming alcoholics?  The answer is because different people drink for different reasons. While some drink to celebrate, there are those who drink to forget and drown their problems.

The people who drink because of heartaches, stress and regrets are more prone to becoming addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addles our brains; it gives people with big problems a temporary escape from reality. However, when the effect wears off, they are reminded again of their problems so they resort to drinking again and again until they become totally dependent on alcohol. This dependency will keep them from resolving the problems that get them to drink in the first place. It is almost impossible for a person to face and solve his problems while he is addicted to alcohol. He needs to rid himself of the addiction first before he can begin finding solutions. This is one of the reasons why an institution like Recovery Center Calabasas is very important. They provide help to those who are entrapped by their addictions.

Knowing that addiction is a trap is a key step in avoiding it. Thinking that they could not get addicted to drugs and alcohol is one of the many factors why individuals try and abuse them. We have to remind ourselves that no traps are set in plain sight, they are always hidden; and that the power of addiction comes from deception.

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