Benefits of Life Coaching Certification

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Medicare Supplies

Despite its popularity, life coaching as a profession is still in its infancy. There are not as many accredited courses available as one might think making it harder for people to find a course that is effective and legitimate. It is definitely worthwhile pursuing a life coach certification as it will provide you with the proper tools to provide effective coaching to your clients. As well it will offer you the credentials needed to be successful in your career. Here are the benefits of life coaching certification:

  1. Knowledge: This is by far the most important benefit as you will have the skills and tools you need to truly help your clients. Your experiences can play a major role in your ability to coach effectively. However the knowledge gained through life coaching certification enhances your own experience and more importantly teaches you how to harness your life and career experiences to turn them into your most powerful asset you need to run a successful coaching practice.
  2. Legitimacy: Because it is a new profession it is very easy for just about anyone to hang a life coach sign on their door and start a business. Many people will feel more trusting if you are able to add three simple letters following your name on your business card and website that will indicate you have life coaching certification: CPC (Certified Professional Coach). It has a far nicer ring to it.
  3. Competition: Although it is a new and growing profession, as a life coach you will be up against people with more experience when you begin your career. Starting out as a CPC will make it easier for you to establish yourself as it will give you an edge over many who are relying on their past careers without any real formal credentials to be a practicing life coach.
  4. Insight: Working with Certified Professional Coaches as your teachers will offer you the opportunity to ask the hard questions that will provide you with the insight required to develop coaching skills. Working with life coaching certification will give you the confidence to pursue your dreams and succeed. You can choose to try to go it alone without any background or training. However with certification you will know you are not making the wrong choices for your clients and are in fact qualified to offer guidance that will not only be life changing but effective for them.

Life coaching certification provides you with the credentials needed to offer proven techniques to coach your clients.

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