What Can You Expect From Lipo in CT?

Everyone wants to have a body they can be proud of. Unfortunately, there are areas of your body that can hold on to excess fat, making it difficult to feel confident in your appearance. Common problematic areas include the thighs, stomach, buttocks, upper arms and chin. If you have done all you can to lose your excess fat and are not seeing results, you may want to consider Lipo in CT. A lipo procedure can remove your excess fat once and for all so you can finally have the toned body you have been longing for.

Liposuction procedures are now safer than ever before. They can be done in your doctor’s office and do not require full sedation. First, the area being worked on will be numbed. The numbing process will help to prevent any pain during the procedure. You may feel some slight pressure as the tools are being used, but this should not make you overly uncomfortable.

The doctor will first inject a special treatment into the area. This helps to break up fat cells so they can be removed. The process allows the fat to be easily suctioned out through the use of a special tool called a cannula. A cannula is a hollow tube that is placed into the area being treated. This is attached to a suction device that helps to suction out the fat cells from the area being treated.

Once the area has been treated, a compression bandage will be put in place and you will be sent home. You may experience some mild swelling and bruising just after your procedure. This is normal and will go away as your body heals. After the swelling goes down, your new body will finally be revealed.

If you are interested in Lipo in CT, contact Connecticut Surgical Arts, LLC. They will be happy to schedule you with a consultation appointment so you can learn how liposuction treatments can benefit you. Call today so you can get started on uncovering your beautiful new body. This will give you the confidence you have been missing in life.

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