Rehab Centers Can Help With Any Addiction

by | Dec 31, 2014 | Health

Addiction can completely control a person’s life and is a terrible problem which leaves many people feeling trapped in a vicious cycle. They can feel like this cycle keeps them out of control and they can’t get away from the habit they know is robbing them of their life. However, they can return to living a normal and productive life with the right form of therapy on their side helping them. Addictions can take time to overcome and isn’t something that happens overnight, but a full recovery is possible if they’re determined to turn things around for the better and are committed to keeping it that way.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction is Commonplace

There are lots of different types of addictions out there, while the most common are of course alcohol and substance abuse, it’s still entirely possible to become addicted to activities such as gambling or anything which is profoundly exciting. One in every eight Americans is living with some form of addiction in their lives. In response to this fact, more and more rehab centers are opening up their doors to all those who are seeking help in overcoming their addiction. One quarter of all hospital admissions in the U.S. are related to alcohol in some way and the yearly cost on tax-payers for alcohol and drug addiction is around $250 billion dollars; these figures are only expected to rise.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rates Are on the Rise

Unfortunately, not very shocking statistics reveal that alcohol and drug abuse addiction rates are rising; they’re also becoming increasingly prevalent in the 18 to 21 year old crowd. This spike in alcohol and drug addiction has been going up steadily for the last decade or so. With around 50% of all young people surveyed having had personal experiences with alcohol or drugs in some form, the consistent rise of addiction rates isn’t the least bit surprising. Prescription drugs such as Oxycontin and Vicotin are two pills which are being severely abused by people for non-medical reasons. These two drugs are especially addictive and are extremely popular among drug users. Rehab centers are very effective tools in beating these types of drug addictions.

Although alcoholism and drug abuse are on the rise, so too are the facilities which support individuals who want help and the creation of effective methods of treatment as well. If you’re looking for a rehab center near Oxnard to help you or a loved one escape the clutches of addiction, then the professional and committed staff available at Vantage Point would definitely be worthy of your consideration. They offer a safe and supportive environment in which to wage war upon your addiction.

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