Treatment for Sciatica Manhattan, KS Patients can Appreciate

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Chiropractic

The nerve which stretches from the lower back and down the legs is known as the sciatic nerve. It is a nerve which is very well known because of its tendency to cause many people a lot of pain. Sciatica is a disorder which can range from mildly uncomfortable to severe. It can have several causes but a herniated disk is the most frequent reason people begin to suffer this type of discomfort.

In most instances the pain will be felt down just one leg, but it is not impossible for both legs to be affected. The symptoms include pain in the leg which is sometimes constant or sometimes a sharp shooting pain which begins in the lower back and travels through the hip, buttock and down the leg. Inflammation in the back and hip is common and numbness in the leg is not unusual. Most sufferers will experience little relief when sitting, standing or lying down.

In severe cases patients may require surgery to eliminate the pain. But in most instances the relief from Sciatica Manhattan KS patients require can be performed with a non-surgical treatment plan. Manipulation to align the spine and remove the pressure from the nerve is often all that is needed. This process may take several weeks to help the patient become entirely pain-free. To know more, click here.

In other cases additional treatments for Sciatica Manhattan KS clinics provide will also include cortisone shots or other medications and procedures. This is because sciatica is not always a disc problem, but can also be caused by a degenerative disease or other condition. The scope and direction of treatment will be determined once the cause is the nerve pain is found.

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