What is Cosmetic Dentistry in Ahwatukee, AZ?

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Dentist

A smile is something charming; it is something that is able to break barriers, open doors and entice people, no matter where you are in the world. But oddly enough, not everyone can afford to smile, because many people suffer from dental problems, which often are related to aesthetic issues. These issues range from irregular spacing between teeth, spots, unsightly restorations, among others -; all of which inhibit a beautiful and perfect smile. Through Cosmetic Dentistry in Ahwatukee AZ, you can get the smile you always dreamed about.

For all who are in search of a new smile, cosmetic dentistry provides patients with plenty of procedures that raise self-esteem. Even though dentistry presents great benefits already, your oral health will be provided with so much more due to the scientific research available to cosmetic dentists. Since Cosmetic Dentistry in Ahwatukee AZ, began, it has been gaining more and more fans, because it is an efficient way to take care of a person’s facial appearance. Since teeth can absorb any kind of pigmentation, many factors can lead to darkening as food, tobacco, antibiotics, coffee, teas and dark sodas. Among the many treatments that cosmetic dentistry offers, whitening is still the most sought after because 90% of the cases are performed satisfactorily.

Tooth whitening does not alter the teeth, but it is contraindicated in pregnant women and children. Treatments can last up to three years depending on your habits. This method is perfect for adults of all ages because it does not require drilling, does not hurt and its application is fast. Methods can be found in various formats but aftercare should be reinforced, especially when consuming certain foods and drinks. Oral hygiene is a must if you want your whitening to last the longest it can.

Orthodontics has another way of correcting your smile, known as the Damon System. This system works with light and constant forces and, unlike conventional braces, this system uses a different type of brackets, which are 40% smaller, and eliminate the use of elastics. The brackets are secured with the aid of an adhesive system that contains fluoride, which besides correcting the smile, protects tooth enamel. It does all of this without pain!

Although cosmetic dentistry has emerged with the initial purpose of transforming the smile through the restorations, today it is integrated into various areas of dentistry. For more information click for additional resources.


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