What Can Cause a Mental Health Problem?

Are you or a loved one suffering from a mental health problem? Are you wondering what causes these problems? Do you have a history of mental illnesses in your family? Many mental health conditions can be treated successfully, but these treatments may include medication, therapy, or a combination of both of these methods. Mental health treatment in Minneapolis can provide a variety of services to help those affected. Factors that cause mental health problems can be individualized or run through your family. Mental health problems can be the result of many factors including life events that have impacted the victim negatively, genetics, a chemistry of your individual brain, and being exposed to negative influences while the victim is in the uterus.

Negative Experiences

Events can easily trigger the emotions of an individual and be the cause of mental problems. The death of a loved one can cause depression or other mental health issues. Any other emotional problem such as experiencing mental or physical abuse at any point in your life, losing a job, experiencing a divorce, or losing a child can result in a decline in your mental health.


Mental health issues can be based on your genetics. Therefore, some people are prone to receiving mental health issues if they are experienced among other family members. Just because a family member experiences a mental health issue, it does not mean that you are guaranteed to as well.

Brain Chemistry

Improper balances among your hormones can cause mental health issues. This can’t always be controlled by the individual whom it affects.

Negative Influence

If an individual suffers from a mental problem, this could have been caused by negative influences while in the mother’s uterus. Drinking alcohol and taking un-prescribed drugs can cause birth defects including a mental illness in the child’s future.

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