Getting in Shape with the Help of a Personal Trainer in Oakville

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Health

As an individual, your fitness journey will be unique. Thus, your fitness results will be influenced by many factors. Perhaps you are an experienced trainee. Or maybe you have a sedentary background. Nonetheless, even the most experienced fitness aficionados need guidance at times. Consider working with a Personal Fitness Trainer in Oakville.

The Assessment and Consultation

If you work with a Personal Fitness Trainer in Oakville, your personal circumstances will be considered. The first step involves a virtual health consultation. During this process, a personal trainer would want to know about the state of your current health and about any past injuries. He would also learn about your exercise history. After this consultation, you would go through a physical assessment. In this particular case, the trainer would examine how you perform during certain exercises. Your cardiovascular fitness and mobility will also be considered.

Where Accountability Matters

All trainees go through quarterly assessments.This means that a trainer would be examining your progression in both strength and conditioning exercises. You will also have your body fat percentage measured through the usage of bioelectrical impedance analysis. Through this non-invasive method, you can learn about the current state of your body’s composition. A trainer would use this information when tracking your progress.

Training sessions last from 30 to 60 minutes. There is also coaching on nutrition and supplementation. If you opt for nutritional coaching, a Personal Fitness in Trainer Oakville could provided you with a meal plan. Fascial stretch therapy is also available. For more information, contact

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