Scar Treatment in Chevy Chase MD And The “Big Deal” Behind Dermatologists

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Medicare Supplies

Dermatologists do more than Botox injections and lip enhancements that many plastic surgeons are typically known for in Hollywood. The skin is the largest and most visible organ of your body, so dealing with it takes a lot of skill and understanding. A dermatologist handles anything dealing with the skin, hair or nails and many dermatologists even specialize in only certain areas of the epidermis. Some areas that a dermatologist will handle include skin cancers, eczema, mole and wart removals, Scar Treatment in Chevy Chase MD, laser or cutaneous surgeries, cosmetic and acne treatments, varicose veins and broken blood vessel treatments, as well as bacterial and fungal infections. Most people will see a dermatologist for unsightly scars that make them both self-conscious or impair movement. What are the types of scars and treatments for them? There are four basic types of scars that a dermatologist will help treat: acne, contracture, keloid and hypertrophic.

Acne scars can vary in size and seriousness, but most people with these types of scars seek treatment for self-esteem issues, as well as cosmetic needs. Self-esteem is an important part of one’s overall health, so although treatment is cosmetic, it is also psychological in nature. Scar Treatment can vary from topical creams to laser and dermabrasion surgeries.

Contracture scars occur when a person has been burned. These types of scars are not only topical, but can also effect a person’s movements, muscles and nerves. Treatments for these types of scars can include surgical treatments and injections, as well as silicone pressure pads.

Keloid scars are usually the result of your skin’s over-healing process. These scars usually extend beyond the actual injury, and can even impede some body movements. Treatments for this type of scar can vary from creams to steroid injections and silicone pressure pads to reduce inflammation.

Hypertrophic scars similar to keloid scars, but they do not usually extend further than the original injury site. These scars are usually red in color and very noticeable. Again, Scar Treatment in Chevy Chase MD can include injections, surgical treatments and silicone gel pressure pads, as well.

When it comes to concerns dealing with the biggest and most visible organ in your body, it is important to go to someone who specializes in skin treatments. Even if your concern is cosmetic, seeing a dermatologist can make all the difference in your emotional well-being.

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