Design Trends for Custom Medical Carts

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Health & Wellness

The world of medical carts has expanded dramatically with the ability to customize these crucial devices to your needs. Custom medical supply carts are used in a variety of fields and feature many options that increase the efficiency and safety of the professionals who work in these areas.

When medical utility carts first surfaced, they were little more than a table with wheels. Eventually, they progressed to a simple box made of metal with no drawers or equipment to hang IV drips and other medications.

With technology and design expanding, these rolling medical supply carts have become a one-stop tool to access all the records, supplies, medications, and other items required throughout the day.

You may be wondering, “What ways are these medical carts customized?” Well, that is an excellent question. Here are some of the features.

Camera Cart

When the best angles are needed, a camera cart is ideal. These custom medical carts can be controlled by remote. Whether you need pan or tilt control, viewing is simplified with this cart’s eight-foot viewing angle.


Possibly the most critical aspect beyond stability is the lock. Health care facilities are filled with people who may administer medications incorrectly. For your medical cart, you can choose a standard lock, breakaway, push button, electronic keypad, proximity lock, or an electronic combination lock.

Let’s dive deeper into the advantages of these locks.

Standard lock

The standard lock is cost-effective and comes built-in to many medical carts.

Breakaway lock

This lock is ideal in emergencies. The breakaway lock is opened when pressure is applied, such as when opening the drawer.

Push button lock

When many staff members need to access a medical cart, the push button lock is the best option.

Electronic keypad/combination

The flat buttons on an electronic lock allow for simplified cleaning. Multiple staff members utilize these locks.

Proximity lock

When you need to keep track of who is accessing the contents of a hospital cart, the proximity lock will do the monitoring for you.

Conductive casters

While conductive casters are not required according to the IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition, they are useful when your medical cart uses electronics that dispel energy of different charges.

These items, used by technicians, output electrostatic discharge (ESD). By equipping your medical cart with conductive casters, you will protect your equipment from electrical surges that can damage or destroy them. These casters will redirect static into the ground and eliminate static build up. This function lowers the risk of equipment damage and the liability associated with staff or patients being shocked.

Other options to remove ESD include drag chains or conductive rubber straps. While useful, drag chains may get knotted in the wheels. Conductive rubber straps are silent but do not provide as much benefit as conductive casters. Both alternatives may lose contact with the ground and offer less protection.

With all of these devices, it is essential to clean them often. They gather dust, dirt, and wax from the floors.


After you have customized the look of your medical cart, its number of drawers and their heights, you may want to choose the devices.

There is a variety of equipment available to enhance your hospital cart including such as a cardiac board, defibrillator, O bracket, trellis, Sharps Bracket, Tubular Railing, a wastebasket, and many other accessories.

These accessories are cost-effective but can significantly enhance the productivity of your staff members. Many can be bundled into department-specific packages to ease your decision. All are well worth the investment and will boost your patients’ care.

Customization of your medical cart involves many factors. Several trends exist throughout the health care field, such as conductive casters, proximity locks, and accessories focused on specific procedures. Each department has different needs, and it is advised to ask your staff what would be most beneficial to them.

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