Reasons To Consider Voluma In Chicago

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Health

Many men and women wish that they could look and feel more youthful. While most people consider surgical procedures at some point, they may not take the plunge because they’re nervous about risks and costs. However, you may still have options because dermal fillers can help with wrinkles and lost volume in the face, ensuring that you do get that youthful appearance without such drastic measures if you’re not ready. Juvederm Voluma is one of the newest dermal fillers in Chicago, approved by the FDA. It is also one of the most innovative options available. If your cheeks and other facial areas have lost volume, it can be used to replenish natural moisture found in your skin, restoring the structure, softening the contours, and giving more volume to the face.

Instant Results

They say that good things come to those who wait, but with Voluma in Chicago, you don’t have to. Your results are instantaneous. After injection, you can look in the mirror and see an improvement. Over time, you may see even more improvements, making it a win-win for most people.

One Treatment

Other dermal fillers require you to get multiple treatments to get the best results. However, with Juvederm, you will only need one treatment. Likewise, you can have multiple injections performed at once, ensuring that you don’t have to return to the doctor’s office multiple times to achieve the results you desire.

Long Lasting

Depending on your lifestyle and needs, you may only need one treatment every two years. However, some people may require another treatment within six months to a year, especially if they have dry skin or certain skin tones.

Voluma in Chicago is an excellent way to improve your facial features without resorting to surgery. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery today to find out more.

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