Cosmetic Circumstances That Are Routinely Covered by Your Health Insurance

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Medicare Supplies

Private health insurers often will not cover the cost of elective cosmetic surgery. If you want to undergo an operation purely for aesthetic or vain purposes, you more than likely will have to pay for the procedure’s costs out of your own pocket.

However, numerous circumstances exist for why your private health insurance policy could pay for some or all of your expenses. To cover the partial or total eye lid surgery cost, Dallas patients like you have to meet stringent criteria.

Injury to Your Eyelid

To have your health insurance policy pay for eye lid surgery cost, Dallas clients like you could be required to have suffered some type of injury to this part of your body. If you were in a car accident and suffered scarring or tearing of the eyelid, your insurance could agree to cover the costs of the operation.

Your insurer will realize that the operation is necessary to salvage the lid of your eye. It also will appreciate that the surgery was not performed for elective or vanity purposes.

Illness of the Eyelid

Your insurance also could agree to pay for the surgery costs if you suffer from an illness that afflicts your eyelid. Constant twitching, for example, often requires intervention like Botox injections. An infection under the lid can cause drooping of the lid over your eye, impeding your line of sight.

In these circumstances, the insurer will be willing to pay for the allotted amount according to the directives of your policy. Your surgeon will have to submit ample proof of your illness to the insurer, however, to avoid the claim being denied.

Health insurance companies typically avoid compensating hospitals and doctors’ offices for elective surgery costs. However, illnesses or injuries that can be repaired by surgery could lead to the insurer paying for most or all of the costs.

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