Conditions Commonly Treated by an ENT Specialist Near Allentown, PA

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An ear, nose, and throat doctor receives specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting these areas of a patient’s body. There are a wide variety of conditions that can impact the ear, nose, and throat. This article lays out introductory information about a few of the conditions treated by an ENT Specialist Near Allentown PA to help patients decide if they need this kind of specialized care.

Nose and Mouth Conditions

Although allergic rhinitis, more commonly known as seasonal allergies, is the most well-known nose and mouth condition treated by ENT specialists, it’s far from the only one. Sinusitis, recurring congestion or infection, deviated septum, drainage problems and obstructions, mouth sores, and polyps can all be treated by these specialists as well.

Ear Conditions

Most patients referred to an ENT Specialist Near Allentown PA for ear conditions are suffering from some sort of hearing loss. Many patients begin to experience hearing loss as they age, although it can occur during any stage of life. Excessive ear wax buildup, swimmers ear, chronic tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, and drainage issues within the ear canal can all be diagnosed and treated by an ENT specialist as well.

Throat Conditions

Many throat conditions interfere with patients’ ability to swallow normally or communicate clearly, although conditions affecting the throat range greatly in severity. Tonsillitis, voice disorders, and hoarseness all constitute fairly minor issues that can be addressed quickly and efficiently to improve patients’ ability to swallow, speak, and breathe correctly. However, more serious conditions like neck cancer, acid reflux, GERD, throat infections, and thyroid nodules can all be diagnosed and treated by an ENT as well.

Head and Neck Conditions

There are a number of generalized head and neck conditions that can be treated by an ENT, including sleep apnea, infected tonsils, cleft lips and palates, head and neck cancers, sinus headaches, some thyroid disorders, jaw disorders, and facial paralysis. Like the conditions themselves, treatment for these issues ranges greatly depending on the patient’s diagnosis.

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