Effective ways to Deal with Pet Allergies in Elizabethtown KY

There are many things that people are allergic to, but there are a number of people that lament the fact that they suffer from Pet Allergies in Elizabethtown KY. This can be difficult for people who love pets and want to own them. However, depending on the level of reaction a person has concerning pet allergies, there are things that can be done.


In some cases, people can rely on antihistamines to help reduce the effects of pet allergies. This may help them to own pets such as a dog or cat without suffering a great deal. The problem is that antihistamines can make people drowsy. For those that suffer severely from pet allergies, antihistamine medication may not completely eliminate the pet allergies. In addition, this medication can be quite costly.

Keeping the Home Clean

If a person wants to keep their pet or they want to own pets in the future, there are a few things that can be done to mitigate the situation. Removing wall-to-wall carpet is a good place to start. Allergens from pet dander can go deep into the carpet, and this can cause significant irritations of a person’s allergies. Even with this step, constant cleaning will be necessary as pet dander can settle into furniture or curtains and rest on hard floors.

No Pet Zones

Another good way to avoid aggravating a person’s allergies is to keep places like the bedroom off limit to pets. This will give a person a bit of a refuge away from possible allergy reactions. However, it will still be important to keep those spaces such as a bedroom or living room clean to avoid any incursion of pet allergies that could travel from one room to another.

If you’re suffering from Pet Allergies in Elizabethtown KY, perhaps you’ve always been allergic to pets, or perhaps this is something new for you and you currently have a pet or you want to own a dog or a cat, you may want to speak to a physician. Your best option is to take the time and Meet Dr. Steven Smith MD to discuss your allergy issues. He may be able to offer certain medications or give you advice on how to mitigate some of the more intense reactions to allergies to help you live more comfortably with your dog or cat.

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