Mitigating Issues with Pet Allergies in Louisville, KY

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Allergies

There are a number of pet lovers that are unable to live side-by-side with a dog or a cat because of allergies. Sadly, some Pet Allergies in Louisville KY aren’t just inconveniencing, for some people they can be extremely debilitating. That’s why many people choose to visit an allergy specialist in order to figure out a way to help them minimize their allergies; A doctor can provide options that can allow someone to finally have a pet in their home.

Washing the Pet Frequently

Much of the problem as it relates to allergic reactions is with pet dander. Frequently washing the pet is one way to minimize the dander. In addition, for dogs, choosing a dog that doesn’t shed as much can also help minimize dander issues and keep allergies at bay.

Change to Solid Flooring

Carpeting can hold in dander, and other allergens and these allergens can be the difference between a person being slightly bothered by their allergies finding it completely untenable to live in their home with a pet. Removing carpeting and opting for solid floorings such as wood, tile or laminate can make all of the difference. In addition, making sure that pets stay off of the furniture and having space inside of the home that is off-limits to pets are things that a doctor will often recommend This can be a refuge for a person that is suffering significantly from pet allergies.

The Last Resort

The last step is to medicate the individual. Often times, all this preventative work to avoid Pet Allergies in Louisville KY won’t make a significant impact. In these cases, corticosteroids can be used to help ease a person’s reaction to pet dander and other pet-related allergies. However, this is more of a short-term treatment rather than anything that should be carried on in the long-term. There are other medications that a doctor might recommend for the long-term.

If you suffer significantly from pet allergies, it still may be possible for you to cohabitate with a dog or a cat. Whether the animal is for you or for a child, there are methods that can be investigated. If you’re interested in some of these options, you will do well to Visit website.

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