Antihistamines or Nasal Sprays? An Allergist in Louisville, KY Looks at These Two Main Products

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Allergies

Allergies are like a giant practical joke-;the one mistake that has not seemed to fix itself in a millennium. What do individuals do about intense allergies? They opt for one of two options: antihistamines or nasal sprays, and neither will work forever.

Which is better?

These are the two standard products on the market and the two forms of attacking most allergens. What product works better? They function a little differently. Nasal sprays actually reduce inflammation. When these areas are inflamed, they are more vulnerable to new allergic triggers, such as pollen and mold spawns.

The nasal spray reduces this inflammation, which makes it more difficult for the triggers to enter the nasal passages and connect with tissue. This is why nasal sprays are more effective and better. They actually work on a functional and physical level.

How do antihistamines work biologically?

Antihistamines work a little differently. They just block receptors from “feeling” and responding to the triggers. They only really act as band-aids to a more extensive problem. Though the receptors are being blocked, they are not being frozen or handled in any way.

To make it even worse, these receptors will eventually fight back and slowly build a resistance to the antihistamines as well as the nasal sprays. For nasal sprays, many patients will actually upgrade to denser and more advanced products. They take the leap once or twice a year until they realize they hit a bit of a wall.

There is also the matter of allergies evolving over time prior to a visit to an Allergist in Louisville KY. The body never stays the same. It will change to accommodate what it perceives as new threats from outside. So, if the product was working, it could stop working based on either resistance or the change within the allergen triggers. Neither situation is positive.

What do all these aspects in over-the-counter products point to? They all point to the necessity of a visit with the Allergist in Louisville KY Allergists can really tackle the problem where over-the-counter products have failed. Meet Dr. Steven Smith MD to find out how your specific allergies are different and how anyone can get a grip on this often crippling issue.

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