Fast-track the Body’s Healing Ability with PRP Therapy to Treat Damaged Tissue

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Healthcare

When a person has been injured, it can depend on the type of injury and their body on how long it will take them to recover. During their recovery, the individual can suffer from unbearable discomfort and limited mobility. Especially, if the injury has caused damage to their joint or tissue that take a significant time to heal. Injections of PRP in Beverly Hills can offer a solution by providing a way to treat the damage without surgery or steroids. PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma is an injection that is made by using the person’s blood to make a concentrated mixture of biological proteins that promotes the body to heal.

Advantages of Using PRP to Heal Injuries

  • PRP in Beverly Hills is a low-risk treatment that uses the patient’s own plasma to create the injection to be administered directly into the affected area.
  • A non-invasive way to treat tissue and joint damage without requiring a surgical procedure.
  • Can eliminate or reduce chronic pain caused by injured joints or tissues.
  • Instead of providing a temporary relief for the patient’s symptoms, the injections offer a more long-term solution.
  • Offers a more natural way to heal the body by using the individual’s own plasma to stimulate repairing the injury.

Recover Faster with Innovative Treatments Offered by a Recognized Pain Specialist

Nuvo Spine provides alternative methods of treatment to help their patients recover quickly and successfully from an injury. Their team of skilled specialists understands that each patient is unique in their own way. In addition to how they recover from an injury or feel pain can be different, their response to treatments will vary. That is why they customize each treatment plan to fit each patients’ specific condition and lifestyle to achieve a more successful outcome.

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