3 Reasons to Consider In-Home Care For Your Loved One

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Senior Care

There’s no doubt that your loved one needs assistance. The question focuses on where your elder parent or relative will live. Is it time to look into assisted living facilities or could the use of at home elder care in Elmhurst be the best solution. Consider these three reasons for home care and see if they apply to your loved one.

Familiar Surroundings

Being able to remain in a house that has been home for a long time offers a lot of appeals. There are memories to enjoy as well as a sense of permanence that takes time to cultivate if your loved one enters a facility. If you truly believe that your elder parent or relative would be happier in those familiar surroundings, do consider at home care.


One of the major benefits of at home elder care in Elmhurst is the sense of still being in control and having a say in what happens next. This provides your loved one with the opportunity to consider living in what he or she considers a dignified manner. Remaining at home can often be seen as a subtle sign that the loved one is not quite ready to give up on living yet. That in and of itself helps to maintain the person’s sense of dignity.

A Sense of Independence

There’s also some sense of remaining as independent as possible. While your loved one may not choose to go out often, knowing that it’s possible to make a trip to the park or have the caregiver drive the loved one to the supermarket or the pharmacy ensures there is still a sense of independence. Even little things like choosing to wait to dine for an hour or have a little snack when the mood strikes makes the at home elder care in Elmhurst a better choice for someone who prefers to do what they like when they like, within reason.

Would your loved one thrive by remaining at home rather than living in a facility? Contact our team at Home & Hearth Caregivers and let’s talk. Visit us website to get an idea of the home services we provide. Together, we can come up with a plan that provides the support your loved one needs while still making it possible to live in the home.

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