3 Strategies Used to Help Those with Increasing Memory Loss Cope

Once a person is diagnosed with a disease that negatively affects their memory, drastic lifestyle changes will be on the horizon. These changes have to occur because you do not know how quickly the patient’s mind will deteriorate. For their safety, they have to be in an environment that prevents severe injuries in case they have an episode. If their case is advanced, Elderly Home Care Decatur GA is a recommended option. While making the transition to this type of living is difficult for some, the staff at these communities is trained to keep their residents healthy and safe.

Here are three strategies used to help those with increasing memory loss cope.


STAR, aka specified therapeutic assisted recreation, is designed to help those with deteriorating memories stay connected to their friends and families. Through the use of personal items that carry significance, the goal is to create a connection between the resident’s past to the present even though they can only make sense of each in bits and pieces. The interactions should be positive and gentle in order to ensure the resident does not have an episode or is put in a negative situation. It helps with communication and it helps family and friends remain connected.

Rest and Restoration

To help residents remain in a peaceful state, they are given opportunities to regain calmness. If an activity creates an episode, they are removed from the situation and given time to rest and restore. Whether it is scheduled, or impromptu, it encourages communication, lessens negative episodes and promotes calmness.

Grab and Go

Studies show that continued interaction with others promotes wellness among older adults. So, Elderly Home Care Decatur GA sets up one on one and group activities in order to create a sense of community where communication is beneficial.

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