Your Animal Hospital in Yorktown NY: Why Annual Visits Matter

by | May 28, 2015 | Pet care

You have pets in your home because you love them and consider them to be a part of the family. While everyone factors in the cost of pet food and toys when they get an animal, they often underestimate the cost of medical care. This is not something which should be overlooked. Just like humans, animals need regular care to keep them healthy and happy. Here are some reasons why annual visits to a local Animal Hospital in Yorktown NY matters.


There is a lot of different information about when and how often each animal should be vaccinated. A lot can depend on local laws as well as how often your pet is in contact with other animals. Discussing the matter with your vet will help them to set your friend up with a vaccination schedule which will keep them protected. It is up to you to maintain that schedule throughout their life.


Fleas and ticks are easy to spot, but parasites like heart worms and intestinal worms are not as easy to detect. Both can have severe consequences for your pet if they are not diagnosed and treated in time. It is important to have your pets screened for these issues annually as well as keeping them on a preventative medication all year.

Behavioural Changes

Many times small changes can signal big problems, like a dog who has been housebroken for years, suddenly having daily accidents or a friendly lap-cat who now hates to be held. Both of these can seem like a change in temperament when in reality a developing illness is to blame. Reporting all of these changes to your vet can help them to diagnose the issue faster, leading to a happy household once again.


When humans have a toothache they lose sleep, avoid eating and feel miserable. Pets are the same. The problem is, they have no way to tell you what is happening. Regular veterinary appointments mean their dental health will be monitored as well. Potential problems can be found and treated before the animal has to suffer.

If you are ready to begin a lifetime of good health for your best friend, contact As a qualified and caring Animal Hospital in Yorktown NY, they can help with annual care, emergency services and all other health and behavioural needs your pet may have.

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