Luxurious Spa and Grooming Pet Care in Zip 78259

There are average grooming services for pets that include washing, drying, a trim, and maybe a cute little bow thrown in for decoration. The pet is clean, smells nice, and looks great. A few levels above average grooming are luxurious spa treatments for discriminating pet owners who have little to no budget constraints. Full or partial coloring services are offered, exclusive shampoos that are all natural can be used for an extra cost, and breed-specific styling is among options.

Surprisingly Affordable

It will surprise average pet owners that packages are available to make luxury grooming and spa Pet Care in zip 78259 affordable. Coloring the fur a bright pink may still be a splurge, but a Mini Spa package for a dog, for example, is about what a typical grooming appointment will cost. Other packages include simple spa packages, flea and tick ones, puppy packages, and flat rate packages for standard poodle and bichon breeds.

Additional Services

Services are also available separately so owners can mix and match the grooming they want for their pets. Add-on services and quick services between full package appointments are also offered. Busy pet owners can take advantage of transportation services that can pick up pets and return them after grooming services are completed. Please be aware that proof of updated rabies, distemper, and parvo vaccinations are required for the safety of all pets and groomers.

Services for Cats

Cats are included in pet care in zip 78259. Packages for felines consist of full services, cat service with no bath, a bath only, and a package to get nails done. Teeth brushing is an add-on service offered as well. Mobile grooming is available for both cats and dogs, but appointments fill up quickly. It is strongly suggested that owners book appointments one month in advance for these services.


Boarding services have been recently added in three packages based on the extras desired. Simple, select, and executive packages are priced nightly. What is included in each package is detailed on the website. Boarding and grooming combination packages are available for convenience. Schedule an appointment and treat the dog to a spa visit and decide if the pricing is comparable.

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