What Should You Know About Your Pet Dentist in Tempe, AZ?

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Pet care

Our pets need their teeth just as much as we do; however, because they are animals, they can’t really articulate themselves if are having tooth pain. It is up to us as their owners to be able to discern whether or not they need a pet dentist or if they are just being strange animals. There are many signs of discomfort that your pet might exhibit but the best thing you could do for it is to take it to a veterinarian who specializes in pet dentistry for regular checkups.

What Is Pet Dentistry?

Just as with any animal that has teeth, the teeth will become dirty without proper cleaning. You can take your pet to a pet dentist in Tempe, AZ to get your pet’s teeth cleaned and have them thoroughly checked up on. This is important because since pets don’t have opposable thumbs, they can’t clean their teeth themselves. A pet dentist also knows how to handle animals that are not familiar with the concept of dentistry and make sure that they can get a thorough tooth evaluation done. For rowdier or more nervous animals, sedation may be required. Your pet dentist should talk to you about that beforehand, but it is a possibility.

Why Should You Take Your Pet to the Dentist?

Without proper dental care, the health of your pet’s teeth can degrade over time. Tartar will build up on the teeth, and your pet’s breath will begin to stink. You can also prevent gingivitis and other gum diseases with regular visits to the dentist. This goes for both you and your pet. If left untreated and uncared for, the health of your pet’s teeth could degrade to the point where tooth extraction may be necessary. Nobody wants this, especially not your pets. Do both yourself and your pets a favor and contact us to learn more about what a pet dentist can do.

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