Why is a Proper Ear Diagnosis in Bethlehem PA So Important?

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Ear pain is something that corresponds to an inflammation of the outer or middle ear. It often occurs due to nasopharyngitis and manifests itself in pain and fever. It cures spontaneously in a few days in most cases but antibiotic treatment is necessary under certain circumstances. Getting the right Ear Diagnosis in Bethlehem PA is very important at this stage.

Distinct parts

The ear has three distinct parts: the outer, middle and inner ear. Otitis externa affects only the duct of the external ear, the ear flap and not the eardrum, whereas otitis media affects the eardrum and the tympanic body. The “Eustachian tube” connects the middle ear to the back of the throat (also called the “pharynx”).

  • Otalgia is another word for pain in the ear
  • Otorrhea is a discharge of pus through the external auditory canal
  • Congestive otitis is where there is no effusion in the tympanic body, while purulent otitis is associated with a gush of fluid
  • Barotraumatic otitis is caused by differences in pressure between the external environment and the middle ear, for example, during underwater diving.

What is otitis media?

Otitis is an inflammation that affects the outer ear or the middle ear. The outer ear includes the ear canal that begins at the opening of the ear and goes to the tympanum. The middle ear is the small cavity behind the tympanum in which the three ossicles are located. Finally, the inner ear contains the eardrum, cochlea, and so on.

External otitis occurs when an infection affects the ear canal. This form of otitis is promoted by swimming. If a person has ear pain, it is best to seek a proper Ear Diagnosis in Bethlehem PA quickly. Otitis media corresponds to an inflammation of the middle ear produced by a liquid which normally flows through the Eustachian tube and the throat.

When it cannot drain normally, it accumulates in the middle ear, causing pain (related to inflammation and overpressure of the fluid) and sometimes a loss of hearing. An infection with a virus or a bacterium can then occur, increasing the pain and causing a fever. Visit  for more details.

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