When to Treat Unhealthy Veins: Trivex in Lake Charles, LA

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Physical therapy

Many people have issues with their veins. These issues can be of varying severity. Some are mild enough to be left alone, while others need to be treated immediately. There are several treatments available that involve both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. It is important to stay in contact with your physician once you start having problems, as there can be some complications that must be treated immediately. There are a few common signs that treatment is in your future.

Visible Differences

You may notice some differences when looking at your legs when you need a surgical procedure, such as Trivex. You may notice that the veins are lumpy and bulging out of your legs. The affected veins may also show a color change. They usually present with a darkened blue or purple. When you reach the point that these are numerous, inquire about Trivex in Lake Charles, LA. This procedure helps to remove larger numbers of problem veins, all at once.


There is often a high degree of discomfort when you are experiencing problems with your veins. Some people overlook this as simple signs of fatigue in the legs. A general aching or heaviness may be apparent in the affected leg. As the condition of the veins worsen, you may notice itching, burning, and swelling. When this has gone on for a while, it may be necessary to implement a treatment such as Trivex. Click here for more information on the process.

Veins that have gone bad are often the source of ongoing pain. It may get to the point where standing for a long period of time is completely unbearable. Take the time to discuss treatment options with your doctor. If you catch the problem early, your procedure may be less invasive. Surgical solutions require the use of anesthesia, while other options may have you walking out of the office on your own.

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