What To Expect From Neck Pain Treatment in Charleston West Virginia

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Physical therapy

In Virginia, neck injuries and pain are treated according to how the patient sustained or developed the underlying condition. Surgery is a common form of treatment for the most severe neck injuries. Surgeons explain Neck Pain Treatment in Charleston West Virginia and how the procedure corrects the damage.

Find the Origin of the Neck Pain

Clinicians complete a variety of tests for locating the exact origin of the neck pain. X-rays, physical examinations, and blood tests are completed. Once the origin is discovered, the clinician determines the best method of treatment. Some neck injuries aren’t caused by accidents, and the cause isn’t always evident.

What Patients Should Do Before Surgery

The surgeon explains all pre-operative requirements for their patients. Typically, the patient is told to stop all blood-thinning medications at least forty-eight hours before the procedure. The patient needs someone to drive them home after their surgery. The doctor explains the exact recovery time for each procedure and when the patient can return to their normal activities following the surgery.

Improving Pain Management

Pain management is achieved with the right care plan. Patients with complex neck injuries require surgical repairs to correct any underlying damage. The doctors plan out the surgery and post-op care for the patient. Pain medications are provided to reduce pain and discomfort after the procedure.

Physical Therapy and Exercise Plans

The surgery explains any physical therapy required by the patient after their procedure. The care plan includes therapy to improve mobility and reduce the patient’s recovery time. An exercise plan is included in the doctor’s orders to rebuild muscles and strengthen the neck. Spinal adjustments are performed when pressure builds up and causes severe headaches.

In Virginia, neck pain is evaluated to find the origin of the discomfort. Doctors who find severe underlying conditions might recommend surgical procedures and physical therapy. Pain management is a primary concern for patients after the procedures. Surgeons offer medication and create a care plan to reduce the recovery time. Patients who need more information about Neck Pain Treatment in Charleston West Virginia contact Improve Physical Therapy & Hand Center LLC for a consultation or further details now. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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