When Do You Need to Schedule Dog Vaccinations?

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Pet care

If you have a new dog, you are going to need to have it vaccinated at some point. The rules for vaccinations are different everywhere you live; there are federal rules, state rules, and local rules. There are also just some personal choices you might make as well. For example, there are a set of standard dog vaccinations, but there are also some for less common illnesses. If you live somewhere where those illnesses proliferate, you need to address them as soon as possible. The question about scheduling vaccinations depends on how old the dog is.

How Old Is the Dog?

If you just bought a newborn puppy, you need to get in contact with a vet about scheduling dog vaccinations. The first vaccinations happen pretty quickly; typically, a puppy is vaccinated between four and six weeks of age. If you buy from a breeder or from a kennel, it’s likely they have already done these preliminary vaccinations. You should ask them before you buy the puppy, though.

The next round of vaccinations is often after about three or four months. The vaccinations for rabies are usually done between 16 and 26 weeks. There are some other vaccinations you’ll need to schedule for your puppy too. If you haven’t done these vaccinations by 26 weeks or if you’re not sure, it usually doesn’t hurt to have a puppy re-vaccinated. You should visit vetassociatesbodman.com to see what kind of services are available.


Re-vaccinating a puppy is often what happens when you find a stray dog. If you find a dog that does not have a collar or a tracking chip, and you cannot find its original owner, you have no way of knowing if it has been properly vaccinated. Usually, it is harmless to have the dog re-vaccinated, so that’s what many people choose to do so.

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