What Causes Memory Impairment?

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Assisted Living Facility

Few things are more frightening than sudden onset of memory impairment. Memory impairment often occurs as a cluster of cognitive disabilities that can affect quality and duration of sleep, eating habits, and temperament. A person in New York suffering from memory impairment might not want to see their friends and family and have trouble communicating. Some types of memory impairment are temporary, caused by medications or poor nutrition. Other types of memory impairment can become chronic if left untreated, such as memory impairments that were caused by a traumatic injury, mental health problems, blood clots, liver, kidney, or thyroid disease, or Alzheimer’s disease.

There is no one cause for memory impairment, but memory impairment is cause for concern. The experience of memory impairment can trigger fear, anxiety, and other uncomfortable emotions that can lead to depression and withdrawal, which can then worsen the cognitive effects of memory impairment. In fact, memory impairment rarely occurs in isolation of other symptoms except for truly temporary cases in which a person experiences minor forgetfulness. Repeatedly missing appointments, forgetting important information, or verbalizing thoughts can be a sign of a deeper issue that a doctor should be able to evaluate with some tests.

Although it can be difficult to narrow down the causes of memory impairment, there are things that can be done to reverse the effects or slow down the process. Cognitive exercises and brain games can help keep the mind active. Some medications and dietary changes can help, and regular exercise might also help restore the brain’s natural functioning. The key to addressing memory impairment is early detection. The next step is to locate help, and finding the right healthcare team is relatively easy in New York with the range of memory care services available.

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