What to Expect During Your Biofeedback Session

by | Apr 23, 2024 | Psychologist

Biofeedback has become a popular complementary therapy. This technique allows patients to harness the power of the body’s stress responses to improve heart health, mental well-being, and more.

If you are interested in biofeedback in Manhattan, you might also wonder what to expect during your first session. Here is a quick guide to your first session – and how it might help you improve your overall health, from the inside out!

Getting Started

After explaining what will happen during your session, your provider will apply painless electrical pads to various body parts. Where they are placed will depend on what is being monitored. Regardless of where they are applied, they will be attached directly to your skin with a gentle adhesive.

These pads will help your provider monitor multiple processes. These may include your heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, sweat, and many other things. Your provider will likely be happy to answer any questions you may have about what will be monitored before getting started.

Monitoring and Analyzing

During your session, the processes being monitored will also be analyzed. This is an active monitoring process, so you will be instructed in ways to alter your behavior, posture, breathing, and other processes to improve things like your heart rate variation. As these changes are made, their impact can be evaluated and more adjustments can be suggested by your provider.

Why make these adjustments? Heart rate variation, for just one example, can be a marker of overall health. Improving your HRV can strengthen the heart itself, improve your body’s handling of stress, and even improve your mental health. Studies have shown promising results in improving the efficacy of medications and other therapies, as well as reducing the need for surgery and more invasive approaches.

Your individual results with biofeedback will vary. Your first session may lead to another or even many more – especially if you like the benefits you receive. To learn more about whether this complementary approach might be a good addition to your current treatment plan, talk to your provider today. You might be surprised at how much a single session can help!

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