What Is It That A Podiatrist Does?

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Health

A podiatrist is a doctor that deals with the study of human movement with emphasis on the care of the foot and ankle. Think of a podiatrist as you would a dentist or an ophthalmologist, these too are medical specialties, one dealing with teeth the other with eyes. A podiatrist in Chicago has undergone extensive training and study to be in a position to understand and treat that part of the body which is his or her specialty.

A Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) deals exclusively with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle disorders that may be caused by injury or disease. A DPM often performs surgery, can and does prescribe and administer medications including those which are restricted by the DEA and prescribe specific physical therapy routines.

A podiatrist in Chicago often is the first to spot health problems that might otherwise not be detected. There are a number of serious medical disorders that manifest first through the lower extremities; arthritis, diabetes as well as heart and kidney disorders are examples.

On a daily basis a podiatrist studies, diagnosis and treats such ailments as corns, bunions, plantar warts and problems with toenails including ingrown nails and toenail fungus. Using his skills and training the podiatrist can readily treat ailments such as these while other ailments may take more care. Podiatric surgeons perform various procedures aimed at repairing, reconstructing or correcting problems associated with the feet and ankles. As with all other surgical professionals the podiatric surgeon uses a variety of tools and approaches to these challenges.

A podiatrist also deals with foot deformities that are the result of a birth defect or caused by neglect; they also deal with issues that are the cause of an abnormal gait or posture.

Many podiatrists elect to work in group practices; they often offer general care of the feet and ankles while others tend to specialize in geriatric care, pediatrics or sports medicine.

Although a great deal of the work a podiatrist in Chicago is “hands on” they also can fit a patient with specially designed shoes or inserts which correct a specific condition or promote healing. Many people who are grossly overweight or have flat feet suffer from a condition known as “overpronation.” This is a condition where the ankles tend to favor an inward attitude when walking, when this happens the muscles and tendons as well as the joints in the lower extremities are affected, the result is discomfort and pain. A podiatrist in Chicago can design and have manufactured custom fit orthopedic insoles or shoes to ease this problem.

A podiatrist in Chicago is a specialist doctor that deals with problems of the feet and ankles. If you are experiencing any issues with your lower extremities then browse our website for more information.

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