Using Animal Diagnostics in Fort Bend County to Deal with Diarrhea

An animal with diarrhea has very loose stools and also a volume above normal. Why does this occur? The food your pet eats takes about eight hours to travel the stomach. During that tour, the food loses about 80% of the water it contains, but this is true only in normal conditions. In this case, Animal Diagnostics Fort Bend County may be needed to treat the animal.

A pet with diarrhea does not absorb nutrients from food. When an animal has diarrhea, the food travels through the intestines with a much higher speed than normal: It arrives at the colon quickly, and leaves no time for the body to absorb water and nutrients from food. Therefore, the stool leaves the body very abruptly and with a very liquid-type look. Diarrhea in animals is not uncommon, and account for 30% of visits to a clinic. In addition, diarrhea may be a sign of a more serious ailment. Therefore, you should understand why the animal is suffering and what to do when it happens.

Poor diet can cause diarrhea too. A sudden change in the dog’s diet, like modifying their food overnight or replacing ordinary food with home cooking without the direct consultation of a veterinarian, are common causes of diarrhea in dogs. It also happens when the animal ingests foreign objects or takes in foods that are not appropriate. Uncontrolled changes in the dog’s diet, the intake of garbage or spoiled food and toxic foods are common causes of diarrhea in pets. On other occasions, diarrhea can be caused by an allergic reaction in the animal. Therefore, when it appears, consult your veterinarian immediately so they can run Animal Diagnostics Fort Bend County.

Intestinal diseases are a cause of diarrhea as well. An unhealthy diet is not the only reason for diarrhea in animals. The presence of intestinal parasites also makes the body react with virulence through diarrhea and even vomiting. There are two common types of worms: roundworms and tapeworms. These parasites reach the animal’s intestines with the same intention: To feed on what they can eat with the least possible effort. They steal the food that the animal eats, thus causing deterioration in their health. Contact Website to learn more.

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