Visiting Doctors in Orange Park, FL, for an MRI Scan

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Urgent Care

One service that a lot of Doctors in Orange Park, FL, offer their patients is an MRI scan. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and doctors in Orange Park, FL, will advise patients to get this type of test if they suspect an underlying condition. Radio waves and magnetic fields are used to conduct the test and they differ from typical X-rays, because the power of the MRI machine can produce detailed images of every single part of the body. The images are normally viewed in layers, so that the doctors in Orange Park, FL, can identify diseased tissue and diagnose a condition. To ease your mind before you get an MRI scan, learn a little more about the usages and benefits.

What Are the Functions of MRI Scans?

Radiation from an MRI machine is relied on to produce accurate body images and the electric currents will travel through wire coils. You will not be able to move when the scan takes place because otherwise, the images may not be as clear as they should be. Most people fall asleep during the scan and the entire process will last for an average of 40 minutes but if you are just having a small section of the body inspected, you may only be in the machine for 10 minutes. If you suffer in tight spaces, you should discuss alternative options with the doctors in Orange Park, FL.

The Benefits of MRI Scans

There are a number of benefits associated with MRI scans and this is why so many doctors in Orange Park, FL, use this machine. Inflammation, soft tissue and blood vessels will show up on the final image and although the machine is incredibly powerful, the patient will not be subjected to large amounts of harmful radiation. The cross-sectional pictures will be analyzed by doctors after the scan and this makes it easy to diagnose a condition promptly, so that treatment can be provided.

Finding a Doctor to Help You

Have you had surgery before? If so, you need to find doctors in Orange Park, FL, who can complete an MRI scan, despite the fact that you have metal inside your body. Choosing the right doctor is a very tough, yet important decision. Is the doctor board-certified? Are you satisfied with the quality of the hospital? You need to ask yourself these questions and consider after-hours care before making a final decision.

Before you actually get an MRI scan, the doctors in Orange Park, FL, will ask questions to learn more about your health status. If you have allergies you should tell the doctor about this because otherwise, you may suffer when the special contrast material is injected. To find out if you are suitable for this type of test and to locate a doctor that provides an abundance of hospital services, contact Injury Care Centers.

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