Benefits of Seeing a Walk-in Clinic Doctor Instead of an ER Doctor

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Urgent Care

After being injured, especially in an automobile accident, many people ask an important question: Should I visit a walk-in medical facility or a hospital? While hospitals are sometimes the only viable option, walk-in treatment centers provides a number of benefits. Here are a few reasons to visit a Jacksonville walk in clinic after an injury if the option is available.

Starting a Relationship

Medical care is rarely a one-time affair, but hospital doctors typically treat only emergency situations. By working with walk-in center doctors, you can start a relationship with a doctor who will see you through the process. Furthermore, Jacksonville walk-in clinic doctors generally spends more time with their patients than their hospital counterparts, ensuring you receive more than just a cursory overview of your injuries.

Waiting Times

Waiting times vary at both Jacksonville clinics and hospitals, but it’s common for hospitals to have extremely long wait times. Furthermore, it’s often far easier to schedule appointments at a Jacksonville walk-in clinic than at a hospital, letting you spend your time waiting at home instead of in a waiting room.


When it comes to your health, money should be a low priority. However, a Jacksonville walk-in clinic is nearly always significantly less expensive than hospitals. Hospital emergency rooms are generally reserved only for emergency care, and their higher prices reflect this. Furthermore, many insurance plans have much higher co-pays or co-insurance payments than walk-in clinic plans. If all other factors are equal, the lower cost of walk-in centers makes them a better option.

If you’re in need of emergency care after an automobile accident, don’t hesitate to go to an emergency room: They’re designed for the emergency care and have resources other health centers don’t. However, many injuries are better treated at centers where you can build a relationship with an experienced doctor to get on the road to recovery.

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