Questions to Ask Before Receiving Emergency Pet Services in Rancho Bernardo

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Veterinarian

Being a first-time pet owner is exciting, but it also means a lot of questions may arise along the way. Asking for Emergency Pet Services in Rancho Bernardo doesn’t mean that the pet owner can’t handle their pet, but rather means that they need some help with various issues. Here are some questions that people should ask the veterinarian.


It is very important that pet owners know the weight of their pet since this depends on defining what food they should eat, the proper rations, the number of deworming agents, etc. Also, remember to ask the doctor if your pet’s weight is appropriate for its age and breed. Pet owners need to know the foods that can be harmful to their pet. If a sitter or dog walker is needed, they should know the same information.


Ask the veterinarian for suggestions concerning “Premium” and “Super Premium” food, as fully balanced diets help maintain the health of the pet. Also, keep in mind that the food your animal needs may also depend on the pet’s stage of life. Once the ideal weight and type of food of the pet is known, ask the doctor about the amount of food the pet should be consuming and the frequency of such.

Vaccinations and deworming

Ask about vaccines and always remember what diseases protect you, your family, and the pet, and when they should take them. Inquire about which de-wormers should be used as well. These are given according to the weight and breed of the pet. Even though most people don’t consider these things a part of Emergency Pet Services in Rancho Bernardo, they are.

Fleas and ticks

It is important to know the ways to fight fleas and ticks since they are the most common parasites. There are chewable flavored tablets such as Comfortis that keep pets free of external parasites for a month or even longer. Finally, make sure that the veterinarian checks the pet’s eyes, ears, abdomen, coat, and mouth; This last part is very important and, especially the teeth, since the accumulation of plaque could lead to a definitive loss of teeth and, thus, poor eating habits. Visit website for more details.

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