Advantages of a Portable Sonosite Ultrasound Machine From South Carolina

The use of portable ultrasound in medicine is called point-of-care usage. A portable Sonosite ultrasound machine is helpful in many situations for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. There is no difference in image quality between the larger and smaller devices. Healthcare practitioners are excited about this technology and how it improves patient care.

Emergency Situations

A Sonosite ultrasound machine can be helpful in emergency rooms and can even be carried in ambulances. Depending on the injury or health crisis, doctors and paramedics can make an accurate diagnosis more rapidly and begin effective treatment sooner.

Smaller Hospitals

In years past, smaller hospitals usually had only one ultrasound machine for the entire facility. In addition to using this equipment for fetal imaging in pregnant women, the device had to serve all other patients who needed it. Ultrasound technicians check cardiac health with this device, for example. With portable machines available now, these medical organizations can purchase a few smaller ones. They can schedule appointments for patients sooner than was true before.

Medical Clinics and Other Small Facilities

Smaller ultrasound machines also are more affordable for medical clinics and other facilities without the resources of a hospital or large medical center. Physicians can have one in the doctor’s office and not need to send patients to a different diagnostic center. These machines are even starting to be used at athletic events for immediate diagnosis of injuries.

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