Resolving Complications of the Nasal Anatomy with Adenoid Surgery in Bethlehem PA

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The adenoids are a piece of soft tissue located in the back of the nasal cavity. They are made of tissue similar to the lymph nodes. The purpose of the adenoids is to protect against foreign invaders that find its way into the body.

The adenoids usually shrink down as a child gets older. A child may experience problems with the adenoids when they become enlarged. The adenoids are important for infants and children because they catch bacteria and other germs to prevent infection. They can become enlarged when they fail to trap germs.

The Symptoms of Adenoid Inflammation and Option for Surgery

Inflamed adenoids can cause frequent ear infections. A child may also have impaired breathing. Breathing problems with inflamed adenoids can cause sleep apnea too.

The adenoids are removed in a procedure called an adenoidectomy. The glands are removed with a spoon shaped tool and a scalpel. There are other ways to remove them with less bleeding. The patient is ready to go home a few hours after the surgical procedure.

Adenoid Surgery in Bethlehem PA is necessary when the airways are blocked and there is no other way to relieve it. Chronic ear infections are painful and can affect a child’s quality of life. Recurring tonsillitis is another reason for getting Adenoid Surgery in Bethlehem PA.

Complications with the Sinuses

Sinusitis is a condition that describes blockage of the sinus by bone or small growths. When the condition causes chronic complications, it may call for endoscopic surgery. Patients with this condition first receive non-surgical treatment. If there is no positive response to treatment, the patient is referred to a surgeon.

Chronic sinus disease and permanent obstruction of the sinuses can be corrected with endoscopic surgery. There are three types of surgery for this.

Functional endoscopic surgery is done with an endoscope that leads into the sinuses. The surgeon removes tissue, clears out the sinuses and drains the sinus openings.

Balloon sinuplasty is done with a catheter and an inflatable balloon. It’s inserted into the sinus to broaden the sinus openings.

Open sinus surgery is reserved for some of the more complicated chronic sinusitis cases. The incision is made right over the sinus to open it. Open sinus surgery is necessary when there is diseased tissue in the sinuses. The tissue is removed and the sinuses reconditioned. Learn more at.

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