Learn What Smile Makeovers In New York Are And What They Do

by | Mar 9, 2015 | Dentist

When you think of getting a makeover, you likely think of getting new clothing and new make up. While this is certainly one option, more and more people are turning to smile makeovers in New York to help them fix their teeth. This type of makeover helps improve the appearance of your teeth by using at least one, but usually more than one cosmetic dentistry procedure.

The dentist will usually ask you what you want the finished result to be and will take into consideration your skin tone, facial appearance, hair color, and teeth. The tooth considerations will include the display, shape, length, color, and width. He will ask questions to help you identify what you like and dislike about your teeth to determine which procedures are best to consider.


In many cases, tooth whitening is included with the makeover because it is the first thing people worry about. If your teeth are stained or dark in color, it can make you appear older, which could cause problems getting work. If you have dental fillings in the front made of gold, silver or amalgam, you may want to have them replaced with natural-color fillings.


Teeth that are overcrowded or have wide spaces between them can look bad and can cause other tooth and mouth problems. The same can be true of alignment problems. Crooked and overlapping teeth can be fixed with adult orthodontics or veneers, giving you an even appearance.


Teeth that are missing will significantly affect your appearance but can also cause problems with the mouth. Over time, the teeth can move, which will affect the bite, and you may also be at a higher risk of tooth decay. Dentures, bridges, and dental implants can all be great ways to fix this problem.


It is important that your teeth be balanced. Having cracked, chipped, and uneven teeth can cause your mouth to appear off-balance with the rest of the face. These can easily be fixed with cosmetic procedures that your dentist can do in his office.

Fullness of the Cheeks and Lips

Over the years, the cheeks can appear to sag or become unshapely. Orthodontics and some surgeries are available to restore the cheeks and lips to their normal fullness though you’ll need to discuss procedures and risks with your dentist.

Smile makeovers in New York are becoming increasingly popular because people want to have the healthiest and most beautiful teeth possible.

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