Going Bald? Mens Hair Treatment in Phoenix Can Help

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Health

Some men are okay with going bald. They shave their heads and love the way they look. However,  not every man feels that way. There are men who get up every morning and check to see how much hair they have left. Then they worry about it all day long. When hair loss starts to interfere with a person’s daily well-being, it’s time to seekMens Hair Treatment Phoenix.

Some men who have experienced minimal hair loss can use grooming techniques to look better. A good haircut that makes the best of what they have may be sufficient to put a smile back on their face. The stylist may also recommend hair care products that give hair extra body and more bounce. Without medication or hair implant surgery, hair loss will continue. Some men don’t want to subject their bodies to the chemicals that prevent hair loss. Other men don’t want to undergo surgical procedures.

Hair extensions have become a popular alternative in Mens Hair Treatment Phoenix. If they opt for natural hair extensions, they can be colored to match the user’s hair exactly. They may have heard it’s very painful to have hair extensions attached to the skull or natural hair. While that is true for some methods, it’s not true for all methods. The Micro Point system uses tiny knots to attach the extension to natural hair. It is painless and will last for about a year. It’s best to have hair extensions attached at a professional hair restoration center.

As hair loss continues, men may also want to consider wearing a wig. While wigs have been the subject of many cruel jokes, they offer a good solution to significant hair loss. When they are made from 100 percent human hair and have been styled properly, they look very realistic. Natural wigs have highlights and can even have a little gray to look realistic. When the proper adhesives are used, the wig is secure in most conditions. It won’t come off because a man takes off his hat.

Donte’s of New York has over 50 years of experience helping men cope with hair loss. Whether men are looking for hair extensions or wigs, their talented staff can help.

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