Factors to Consider When Seeking Elder Care in Avon CT

There are many things to consider before placing your loved one in an assisted living facility. Whether your loved one needs special medical care or help with daily living activities, you want to make sure that the facility of your choice offers it, and makes for a safe, comfortable home. Rather than choosing just any assisted living facility, consider the following factors, to ensure that you find the best place for your loved one.

A Caring Staff and Happy Residents
While in assisted living, your loved one will most likely frequently interact with the staff members. During your tour of the facility, carefully check if the staff seems interested in your questions. Do they really seem to care, and take time to talk to you? Or do they just want your business? Also, observe the current residents, and ask yourself whether they seem happy and content, and interact with each other.

The Living Arrangement
Elder Care in Avon CT, for instance, generally consists of furnished, shared or private suites that are cleaned by a housekeeping staff on a daily basis. To get a good idea of the living arrangements, Visit Shady Oaks Assisted Living. You’ll be happy to know that each one of their suites has an emergency call system, which directly reaches the emergency nursing staff that’s on-duty 24/7. Also, Shady Oaks Elder Care in Avon CT has community dining areas, outdoor sitting areas, and park-like grounds, for the residents to enjoy. They promote socialization among the residents, and arrange various senior-appropriate activities.

Services of Assisted Living
Meeting the needs of the residents should be a priority when it comes to assisted living. You want to make sure that the facility that you’re considering provides the care that your loved one needs. For instance, if your loved one suffers from dementia, diabetes, or other medical issues, the facility’s staff should be able to manage this appropriately. If your loved one needs to see a psychiatrist of podiatrist, you must make sure that this is possible.

Carefully researching assisted living facilities can make sure that you find the best place for your loved one. You want to find a facility where your loved one feels at home, interacts with the residents, and gets the assistance that’s needed, while still maintaining a feeling of independence. Not only will this give you peace of mind, your loved one will also have peace of mind.

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