Contemplating a Massage School in AZ? 3 Tips to Help You Succeed

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Healthcare

It is a common misconception that massage therapy is the kind of job where you can earn a lot of money while putting in very little effort. While it can be a most rewarding career, you should ponder carefully on the best way to make it work for you.

Are you contemplating enrolling at a massage school in AZ? If you want this to be your first step to a successful career, here are 3 questions to ask yourself and useful tips to help you overcome frequent problems.

1. Have you got the stamina?

This is a physically demanding job, which will take its toll on your body. Admittedly, given time and practice, you will develop the stamina to keep you going for longer periods. However, it is important to have a realistic assessment of your own physical capacities, in order to prevent burnout.

Tip #1: Take care of yourself!

Entry-level massage therapists often face burnout because they were not taught the right way of balancing their bodies during massage. When you choose a massage school in AZ, make sure it teaches effective body mechanics. Schools with a holistic approach to massage therapy are more likely to provide you with such strategies.

2. Do you plan to work for yourself?

Have you harbored a lifelong fantasy of working for yourself? Massage therapy offers you the chance to do just that. However, it’s important to think ahead and acquire the skill set needed to give your business a head start.

Tip #2: Don’t take the well-trodden path.

If you’re going into massage therapy with a view to starting your own business, get working on your “cunning” plan early on. Massage therapy is a fast-growing field, with ever growing competition, so find ways of giving your business an edge. You can do that by coming up with a clever business plan and/or by going for a niche specialization. Either way, make sure the school offers business management classes and a wide variety of massage techniques to choose from.

3. Can you afford to work for yourself?

If you want to succeed, make a very realistic estimate of the money you will need until the business takes off. This should include rent, overheads, the cost of a massage table and supplies.

Tip #3: Split costs or go mobile!

You will need to think of ways to save money when you’re starting out.  One useful strategy is to rent a place with a partner and split costs. Alternatively, you could always go mobile, providing massages at the clients’ homes.

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