Another Way To Avoid Or Cure Headaches In St. Augustine Florida

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Chiropractic

This is a message to people who suffer Headaches In St Augustine (the oldest settlement to have been European established and continuously occupied in the whole of the continental United States); but the content can apply worldwide – wherever people suffer from headaches (which we all do from time to time). But, what is headache? The tissue in our brains cannot actually feel pain since there are no pain receptors in the brain; what we do feel when we think that our head is being split apart is disturbance to areas around the brain that are sensitive to pain and these disturbances might emanate from parts of our body outside of the head. For example, a common type of headache is that classified as a cervicogenic headache which is actually caused by problems in the neck of the sufferer.

In Excess Of 200 Different Headache Types Have Been Identified.
Many are harmless but some can be life threatening; so, as a general guide; if a headache has suddenly and violently appeared or is relatively bearable but persists for some time; then, you should seek some sort of advice. In the meantime, you should obviously relax and take it easy; stay away from bright light and loud noise and take a recommended dose of an over the counter analgesic (such as paracetamol – assuming that you have no history of adverse reaction to these drugs).

Another common class of headaches are those known as tension headaches; typically, these last around 5 hours and affect both sides of the head giving a feeling that the head is being squeezed in a vice. As their name implies, they are caused by a build up of tension in the body; this could be a result of work or study related stress; lack of sleep; hunger; or eyestrain – in fact, any situation causing discomfort can lead to the onset of a tension headache.

If we avoid the daily situations that produce the stresses and tensions that can lead to headaches; we obviously avoid many headaches. However, since the head pain usually comes from outside the head; we can also look at correcting these outside sources as either an avoidance technique or a cure for our Headaches In St Augustine. This; treat the cause; rather than the symptoms, approach is exactly the methodology that chiropractors, acupuncturists and practitioners of medical massage (such as reflexology) suggest and they do have many headache free patients.

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