Choosing Your Veterinarian, Find One in Chicago

Whether you’ve just moved to Illinois or you’ve adopted or purchased a new furry friend, you’ve got to make sure that they’re healthy and stay that way. Chicago residents may wonder where to go for veterinary help. A veterinarian is the best place to go, and they can work in private practice or a hospital setting with other vets.

AAHA Accreditation

While it’s not necessary, you may want to choose a veterinarian with AAHA accreditation. The American Animal Hospital Association is there to ensure that the hospital you select meets or exceeds their standards and expectations. They always prove to third parties that they are the safest place and have the best-rated care.


If you’re new to the area or never owned a pet before, you may want to ask friends or colleagues. If they own pets, they probably have a preferred and trusted animal hospital. However, Chicago residents should also do their own research on various options in the area. Don’t rely solely on word of mouth.


When you consider a new location, it’s best if you tour the practice. Many vets have websites with a virtual tour option, allowing you to see the exam rooms and other important areas. However, that first visit with your pet should focus more on getting comfortable and being friendly rather than getting shots or other care. When on the tour (either virtually or in-house), make sure the equipment looks safe and updated, ensure that there isn’t a lot of clutter and that it looks and smells clean. You may also want to consider what animals they treat. Some only focus on traditional pet animals, such as dogs and cats while others can help with exotic and avian pets, as well.

A veterinarian is the best place to go for pet healthcare. Visit Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic in Chicago at to learn more. Follow us on twitter.

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