3 Vaccinations Your Dog Needs

Owning a pet is not a small responsibility. You are charged with ensuring they are properly fed, healthy and have a safe place to sleep. Similar to humans, pets, like dogs, must see a doctor on a regular basis. At their visit, they may receive pet vaccinations after they are weighed and given a visual examination by a Norridge area vet.

Here are three vaccinations your dog must receive at increments during his lifetime.


If a person, or other mammal, is bitten by a dog that is infected with rabies, it is fatal. Any mammal that contracts rabies cannot be saved. Rabies vaccinations, therefore, are mandated throughout the country. This vaccination protects others as well as your dog. If your pet is vaccinated, even if he is bitten by an infected animal, is likely to survive the disease.

A puppy is given his first rabies vaccination between 12 and 16 weeks old. He receives another when he turns one year old. Thereafter, you keep up with his vaccination schedule, every three years.

Distemper Virus, Parvovirus and CAV-1 Vaccination

The name of the vaccination varies, but it is a combination vaccination that protects your dog against distemper virus, parvovirus and CAV-1. Some veterinarians call it a booster shot while others will refer to it as a wellness vaccination. This one can be administered in tandem with the rabies vaccination. Having them administered at the same time helps keep them on schedule.


Leptospirosis is a disease caused by bacteria that is transmitted through urine. If your dog drinks from a puddle that has urine or steps on grass that has urine from another animal, he could contract the disease. Known as a lifestyle vaccine, your dog can be protected.

Call Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic for more information on pet vaccinations near Norridge.

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