Things a Senior Norridge Dog Wishes You Knew

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Veterinary

Dogs are the greatest gifts ever. The wagging tail and the happy brown eyes as she greets you can’t be beat. As you grow old with your dog, though, you’ll notice that she ages faster than we do. She’ll begin to age at approximately 10 – 13 years. Her behavior will alert you to this fact. These are three things she wants you to know, and here is how you and your veterinarian in Norridge can handle them.

I Can’t See Or Hear Well Now

When her sight and hearing begins to fade, it might seem as if she’s ignoring you. When you throw her Frisbee, she might not see it. Instead of getting frustrated, notice if she bumps into the furniture you just moved or can’t locate her food and water dishes. These are indications of failing sight and hearing.

Keep the furniture and her food and water dishes in the same places. Avoid strangers touching her, because she might be startled if she can’t see them. Clap your hands or knock on a hard surface to get her attention. She’ll respond to vibrations if she can’t hear your voice.

I’m Cold

Dogs’ metabolism slows as they age. This means the mechanism for keeping them warm slows down, too. If she stays under the blankets more now than formerly, don’t roust her out of bed. Keep the heat a touch or two higher for her. Buy her a sweater or two when she goes outside in the cold. Allow her to sleep by a heat source so she’ll stay warm.

I Have Joint Pain

When she has trouble going up or down the front steps, jumping on or off the bed or the sofa, or she can’t get into the car to see your veterinarian in Norridge, she could have joint pain. Arthritis and hip pain are common in senior dogs. Vet-prescribed anti-inflammatories often help, as do ramps and shorter but more frequent walks. Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic at our website for more information on aging dogs.

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